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Slider Line

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The 'Slider' collection was designed with children in mind, but it is great for everyone. With the Slider collection the magnet is embedded within the base under the Charm or Stone.  This all-in-one piece slides onto a pendant or a bracelet.  Since the Charm does not come off it alleviates the possibility of losing the Charm and there are no small parts to worry about.  Each Charm contains a 4000 gauss Neodymium bio-magnet.

Our children are surrounded by electromagnetic field (EMF) constantly. 

Scientific research has shown that children absorb EMF much more easily than adults, up to 10 times more. So how do we safely use our devices and coexist with today's technology?  Watch this short video ...

We have created fun collectable Charms including sports, hobbies, animals, Disney, and more.  We also have a natural stone collection and artist original creations.  There is something for everyone! 

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Slider collection for all.

Silicone, Faux Leather, and Metal Mesh bands. 

Small & Large vertical pendant 

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